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 The development and use of plastic


Bubble film uses high-pressure polyethylene as the main material. Supplementary materials include adding a whitening or coloring agent, anti-static agent, slip agent, and various strengthening agents. By melting the material at about 230 degrees Celsius, high temperature, extrusion plastic blister products can be produced. This new type of plastic packaging material has a light texture, good transparency, is non-toxic, tasteless, and moisture-proof. This provides an outstanding buffer, insulation effect on the product.


Asia is the fastest growing market for the consumption of bubble film packaging, with a compound annual growth rate expected to reach 9.2% for the years 2012-2019. In the meantime, China and India are the fastest growing countries, with their consumption share growth expected to account for 35% of global bubble bag packaging.



With the progress of the social economy, product packaging has become of primary concern to factories manufacturing products for shipping worldwide. The bubble bag packaging products are becoming more and more high demand. The main reason is due to the function of the bubble bag. The bubble bag layer is filled with air, so the body is light, flexible, nonabrasive, waterproof, moisture-proof and shockproof, with sound insulation and provides superior compressive strength. Widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation, glass, ceramics, works of art, hardware, machinery, furniture and other seismic products. Cushioning packaging can be made into bubble bags, poly bubble bags, kraft paper envelopes, car sun block screens, heat insulation, thermal insulation, cushioning materials, pool covers, etc. The uses are endless.

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